Honesty & Integrity

Technical Wing

FIA Technical Wing was Established in 1975. To Provide forensic/scientific assistance to field units of FIA throughout Pakistan, Federal Courts in the field of Questioned Documents and Fingerprints. The experts of this wing rendered expert opinions under Article 59 of Qanoon-e-Shahadat 1984.

Primary Functions

Our Achievements
  • Short Term International Capacity Building Courses during 2020-2021, 02 Officers have gone through International capacity building training.
  • Long Term Courses ,during 2020-2021, During the period, FIA Academy has trained a total of 907 Officers/Officials.
  • Short Term National Capacity Building Courses during 2020-2021, a total of 1316 Officers/Officials have gone through capacity building training.
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  • Determination of genuineness /authorship of signatures and writings.
  • Determination of the presence of erasers, alterations, additions, substitutions in writing and figures whether hand written, typed or printed.
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  • To examine disputed thumb impressions.
  • To train the Fingerprint proficient.
  • Verification of fingerprints of intending emigrants.
  • To check the criminal history of persons applying for PSV driving licenses.
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