Honesty & Integrity

FIA Academy

With the passage of time, FIA has been assigned greater role under the Governments’ initiatives towards, transparency, accountability, rule of law and good governance. With the inclusion and amendment of number of laws in schedule of FIA under national and international perspectives like FATF, TIP and accountability, stringent need has emerged for advanced capacity building programs. Under the vision of worthy Director General FIA for introducing reforms in existing training programs in line with national and global needs, responsibilities of FIA Academy has been increased manifolds.

Our Achievements
  • Short Term International Capacity Building Courses during 2020-2021, 02 Officers have gone through International capacity building training.
  • Long Term Courses ,during 2020-2021, During the period, FIA Academy has trained a total of 907 Officers/Officials.
  • Short Term National Capacity Building Courses during 2020-2021, a total of 1316 Officers/Officials have gone through capacity building training.
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Law Organization Structure

In order to develop FIA’s capacity for effective contribution towards responsibilities assigned to the Agency, FIA Academy has been assigned the mandate to impart training to its newly recruited officers through long term probationer and induction trainings to its executive staff responsible to carry out investigation and prosecution of the crimes falling in its schedule. In addition, FIA Academy is also responsible to conduct refresher courses for its existing officers and officials.

Training Programs at FIA Academy

Long Term Induction Training Courses

Newly recruited officers/officials from Constable to Assistant Director are trained through four to six month courses including basic investigation, prosecution and induction training programs.

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Short Term capacity building courses

These are specialized training courses conducted through in-person or online classes for capacity building of FIA officers/officials to meet the needs of the Agency in line with modern techniques ...

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International Capacity Building Courses

These are highly specialized and training courses offered, conducted and funded by different partner countries. FIA Academy is responsible for arranging, scrutinizing and finalizing nominations for international capacity building courses.

Promotional courses for ministerial staff

These are short term promotional courses required for ministerial staff under the government instructions. These courses are arranged by FIA Academy through STI (Secretariat Training Institute) and NITB (National Information Technology Board) conducted by Virtual University.