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Anti Human Trafficking and Smuggling Wing

The Anti Human Trafficking and Smuggling Wing (AHS) deals with organized crimes like human trafficking. This wing is headed by a senior police officer as Additional Director General at the HQ who is responsible for assisting the Director General and coordinating operations of the zonal directors.

Our Achievements
  • Drafting of rules for Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act, 2018 and Prevention of Smuggling of Migrants Act, 2018
  • National Action Plan, 2025 on Human Trafficking/Migrants Smuggling was framed with the collaboration of UNODC
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Primary Functions

Transnational Crime Web

Human Trafficking/ Migrant smuggling is an international crime which is multi-dimensional in nature. In order to eliminate or curb this international crime web, a consolidated and well-coordinated effort is required. This perpetual crime web needs to be monitored and unearth through joint efforts starting from the origin of the victim through its transit route to the end of his final journey. So, it will be fruitless and a futile attempt if a coordination gap exists between the departments within a country or internationally agencies. Therefore, following departments play their respective roles with well-developed coordination and cooperation.

AHTC Working
Forged Documentation

The Human traffickers / smugglers mostly use forged documents to travel abroad.So, concerned departments are being involved and taken into loop to adopt measures to avoid forgery of documents and solid evidence collection.

Cyber Crime Cell

In Human Trafficking / Smuggling, Internet is used as mode of communication so Cyber Crime Cell intercepts the communication of Human Traffickers / Smugglers and takes action against them.


Interpol issues Red notices against proclaimed offenders of human trafficking and Smuggling.

Anti-Human Smugglers / Trafficking Circle (AHTC)

AHTCs offices are equipped with the sole responsibility to curb the menace of Human smuggling and Human trafficking. AHTCs have been established being an operational unit on ground. They collect intelligence, conduct raids, investigate the cases and get them prosecuted in their respective courts. Each AHTC is headed by an officer of Deputy Director (BS-18).

Anti-Money Laundering Cell

In Human Trafficking payments are mostly made through illegal channels i.e. Hundi/Hawala . So,this Circle monitors illegal money transfers and suspected accounts.

Link Offices
  1. Muscat (Oman)
  2. Tehran (Iran)
  3. Athens (Greece)
Functions of Link Offices