Honesty & Integrity


Counter Terrorism Wing (CTW) established in May 2003. CTW is working hard with the primary objective to strengthen the internal as well as external National Security environment of the country.

Vision: To become a center of excellence for specialized counter terrorist investigations, to combat espionage, terrorist financing, cyber terrorism as well as blasphemy throughout Pakistan.

Our Achievements
  • Dealing with many High Profile Cases
  • RAW Sleeper Cell busted in Karachi
  • 06 properties of terrorist were auctioned of amounting Rs. 4.6 million
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  • To deal in high profile cases entrusted by Government of Pakistan with Transnational element
  • Terrorism and Terrorist Financing
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Blasphemy
  • Official Secret Act 1923 (Espionage)
Operational Units
  • Investigation / Operation Unit.
  • Financial Investigation Unit.
  • Cyber Terrorism Investigation Unit.
  • Explosive Analysis Unit.
  • Field Units:
    Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar
Investigation/ Operation Unit
  • Headed by Addl. Director / Deputy Director
  • Supervision of Enquiries / Cases
  • Police Station deals with all schedule offences of FIA
  • Regular Composite Police Station
  • Seek assistance from other units for enquiries / investigations.
Financial Investigation Unit
  • Mandate to prevent & combat financial and economic crime throughout Pakistan
  • Member of the all National Task Forces
  • Member of AML/CFT desk, collects response/data from operational units/zones on TF/ML/Hawala and shares with FATF Secretariat.
  • Part of working group which developed National Risk Assessment.
Cyber Terrorism Investigation Unit (CTIU)
  • Headed by Deputy Director Forensic.
  • Supervise enquiries / investigations related to Cyber Terrorism.
  • Supervision of Digital Forensic Laboratory.
  • Maintaining National Criminal Database (NCDB).
  • Compiling and Publishing RED BOOK of MWTs.