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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started "Plant For Pakistan Day ". 

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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started “Plant For Pakistan Day”. 

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Intellectual Property Rights Branch

Modern world is confronted with five wars of globalization

  • Illicit market for
  • Arms
  • Drugs
  • Money
  • Human beings
  • Intellectual Property

“Right to own property is recognized by every socio political and economic system of the world. Ownership of the property is a fundamental right in all systems of justice. Every system provides different types of warranty to ensure peaceful possession of property, tangible and intangible.”

“Intellectual Property includes a patent, industrial design, layout design of integrated circuits, copyright and related rights, service mark, trade mark, trade name, undisclosed information or trade secrets, traditional knowledge, geographical indications, technical know-how and ideas for new products and markets, including the commercial information about customer or any combination thereof”

  • The international trade community adopted number of measures in order to curtail the violations of Intellectual Property Rights across the world.
  • These IP initiatives are led by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and also involve the World Trade Organization (WTO) Convention on IP rights.
  • The WTO agreement, covers IP issues i.e. Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).
  • IPR violation is a barrier to foreign direct investment in Pakistan

    The Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan) was established as an autonomous body on 8th April, 2005 under the administrative control of the Cabinet Division for integrated and efficient intellectual property management in the country, The Trade Marks Registry, Copyright Office and Patent & Design Office became part of the Organization, inter alia, includes

    • Administer and coordinate all Government systems for protection and strengthening of Intellectual Property (IP)
    • Manage all IP offices in the county.
    • Create awareness about IP Rights.
    • Advise Federal Government on IP Policy.
    • Ensure effective enforcement of IP rights through designated IPR Enforcement Agencies (Police, FIA and Pakistan Customs)

    Names of concerned courts of IPR cases

    The concerned courts of IPR cases are Special Judge (Central), Senior Civil Judge, Civil Judge, Judicial Magistrate and Allaqa Magistrate of the concerned districts.


    • Combating IPR crimes for the purpose of developing the local industries is one of the priorities set out by the Government of Pakistan
    • As a first step, IPO-Pakistan was created under Intellectual Property Rights Ordinance 2005.
    • Copy Right Ordinance 1962 was placed on the Schedule of FIA.
    • Enforcement of IPR Laws became essential.

    Fifth Session of Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE) -WIPO

    Fifth Session of Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE) to review the activities of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the field of enforcement is being held in Geneva, Switzerland on November, 2 to 4, 2009.
    Mr. Irfan Nadeem, Additional Director General, Economic Crime Wing, Federal Investigation Agency and Syed Ali Asad Gilani, Pakistan’s First Secretary at United Nations Mission in Geneva are representing Pakistan in the Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE) meeting.
    The agenda of 5th Session of ACE meeting is to review activities of WIPO in the field of Intellectual Property Enforcement including the Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Privacy
    On the first day of the meeting, Pakistan presented a concept paper titled “Creating an Enabling Environment for Building Respect for Intellectual Property” which was highly appreciated.

    FIA’s Advisory Committee Meeting on IPR Enforcement on August 04, 2009 at FIA HQrs Islamabad.

    Mr. Tariq Khosa Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) emphasized that the existing IPR Laws require appropriate regulations for better enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Pakistan. He was addressing a meeting of FIA’s Advisory Committee on IPR Enforcement on August 04, 2009 at FIA HQrs. The participants included Mr. Khalid Mehmood Bokhari, Director General IPO Pakistan, Ms. Ameena Saiyid, of Oxford University Press, Mr. Ikram-ul-Majeed Sehgal, Mr. Salman Siddiqui of Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Moeen Qamar Advocate, of M/s Irfan and Irfan, Mr. Naveed Ahmed Aftab, Pakistan Tobocco, Mr. Muhammad Siddique, Collector Customs, Mr. Irfan Nadeem ADG FIA Economic Crime and other senior FIA officers.
    The Director General/ FIA highly appreciated the valuable assistance of members of the Advisory Committee and further said that the partnership between FIA and IPO Pakistan was of great value. FIA would take all stake holders on board in its commitment to fight IPR violations, he added. He also apprised the participants that FIA is planning to organize training courses for the Investigators/ Supervisory Officers in co-ordination with all stake holders as Intellectual Property Rights are of utmost importance in today’s world.
    Mr. Shahid Nadeem Baloch Director FIA made a presentation to review the proceedings of 1st meeting and endorsement of agenda. During the meeting the working groups constituted in the 1st session of Advisory Committee made their presentations on Awareness Campaign, IPR Laws, and Database Development. The presentations/ proposals of the working groups were appreciated by the participants.
    One of the major decisions taken in the meeting was to launch a campaign against big fishes, very shortly.


    Mr. Zafar Ullah Khan Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) emphasized that in view of its global importance effective enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Laws in Pakistan is of great significance.
    He was addressing a meeting of FIA,s Advisory Committee on IPR Enforcement today FIA HQ. The participants included Khalid Mehmood Bokhari Director General IPO Pakistan, Ms. Ameena Saiyid Managing Director Oxford University Press, Mr. Salman Siddique Manager Microsoft Corporation Pakistan, Mr. Mueen Qamar senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, Mr. Naveed Aftab Ahmad Director Pakistan Tobacco Co. Mr. Muhammad Siddique Collector Custom, Mr. Irfan Nadeem Additional Director General Economic Crime FIA, Mr. Shahid Nadeem Baloch Director IPR/ FIA and other senior FIA officers.
    While the Director General FIA appreciated the valuable assistance being extended by the highly skilled members of the Advisory Committee, he also assured of FIA,s key role in fighting organized Crime. Director General IPO Pakistan welcoming his posting as DG/FIA assured him of utmost support of IPO Pakistan and other members of the Advisory Committee to FIA in its commitments as an elite Law Enforcing Agency.
    The meeting Reviewed the Progress on Amendments proposed in IPR Laws and decided to have another round to finalize the draft of proposed amendments, which are Comprehensive, and suitable for effective enforcement in accordance with global requirements. An outline of TRACKING System for complaints of IPR was also made.
    The meeting decided to celebrate Intellectual Property Day on April 26, 2010 in collaboration with FIA, IPO Pakistan and other Stake holders in a well organized manner by inviting Dignitaries, Professionals, Intellectuals and Print/electronic media as a part of Awareness Campaign. Awareness Campaign launched by Microsoft Pakistan was also lauded and it was decided that such campaign shall continue by all members of the Advisory Committee alternatively on monthly basis.
    The campaign of unlicensed software by IPO & FIA was also discussed.
    Members of the Advisory Committee highly appreciated the raid conducted in Lahore yesterday, wherein thousands of pirated books and a printing Press have been intercepted /seized by FIA. It has been termed as a great success of this elite Agency (FIA) and a big blow to the pirates.

    Relevant Laws of IPR

    • Copyright Ordinance, 1962 (On FIA Schedule) Download
    • Registered Design Ordinance, 2000 (not on the Schedule of FIA)
    • Registered Layout-Design of Integrated Circuit Ordinance, 2000 (not on the schedule of FIA)
    • Patent Ordinance, 2000 (not on the Schedule of FIA)
    • Trademark Ordinance,2001 (not on the schedule of FIA)
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