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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started "Plant For Pakistan Day ". 

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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started “Plant For Pakistan Day”. 

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The International Criminal Police Organization- ICPO, INTERPOL was founded in 1914 with the founding principle to coordinate efforts relating to international police cooperation. The membership of INTERPOL today consists of 187 countries, with its General Secretariat in Lyon, France. Each member country establishes a National Central Bureau NCB to serve as the focal point for that nation's involvement in the collection of evidence, the pursuit of fugitives, locating missing persons including missing children, the identification of unidentified bodies, and the exchange of or request for information related to law enforcement investigations across international borders.


Pakistan became member of ICPC (International Criminal Police Commission) in 1952. The National Central Bureau (NCB) of Pakistan was created under the new constitution of ICPO in 1957. It is attached with Federal Investigation Agency since its inception. The Director General FIA is an ex- officio, the Head of NCB-Pakistan. In 1990 the Secretariat General (SG) of ICPO Interpol Lyon introduced new Communication System namely X-400 to exchange mails electronically amongst all Interpol member states. NCB Pakistan was connected with X-400 system in 1999. Interpol SG Lyon replaced X-400 System in 2002 with new Web based Communication System namely I/24-7. In May 2004, Interpol SG Lyon provided the equipments for the system free of cost. During 2005, Interpol SG Lyon has also provided equipments for the extension of I-24/7 Communication System beyond NCB-Pakistan Islamabad.

Conferences and Meetings Unit

During the period under report, 26 cases of Interpol meetings, training and conferences were received from IPSG Lyon, France intimating to nominate suitable police officers for the said purpose. The papers of these cases were circulated to all concerned and Provincial Police Chiefs for further necessary action. The following meetings, conferences and training were attended by FIA Officers. The most of the meetings are/were fully funded by the organizers of the conferences and meetings.

S.noTraining / Workshop/ Seminar TitleNo of Participants
1 Follow up on the nomination of Afghan Delegation to 1st Conference on Technical Cooperation & Capacity Building for Border Management 19-21 January 2010 Bangkok. 2
2 International Visitor Leadership Program in US schedule for Feb 8-26-2010 1
3 SOCA-E Crime Congress, March 2010, Invitation for FIA-Cyber Crime Wing 1
4 International Management of Serious Crime Programme 18.04.2010 to 07.05.2010 at Singapore 1
5 The Asian Regional Law Enforcement Management Programme Melbourine Institute of Technology 6-29 April 2010 3
6 12th UN Congress on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice 12-19 April 2010 Salvadar, Brazil 1
7 Computer Forensic Training Programme Istanbul Turkey. End of June 2010 5
8 Khaliq uz Zaman Deputy Director, FIA Crime Circle, Invitation to United Kingdom. 1
9 Training Workshops for Pakistan Officials Involved in Integrity Control for Immigration & Identity Documents Verification to be held at Manila, Philphines 12-16 April 2010. 10
10 Herione Working Group Meeting Proposed Agenda Tanzania, 12-13 April 2010 1
11 MCP Turkey Invitation to the course Act 296 Combating Trafficking in Human Beings 2
12 Call for Nomination for the Regional Executive Leadership Programme at 2010 at the JCLEC SEMARANG 14th June to 8th July 2010 1
13 Grant for the 9th Asia Contact Officer's Meeting male, Maldives 11-13 May 2010 1
14 First Expert Group Meeting EGM for Evolving a Plan of Action on Combating Transnational Organized Crime. 1
15 Proposal for FIA Quetta Officer's to Visit Malaysia & Indonesia (ON Anti Human Trafficking & People Smuggling) 03-05 May 2010 3
16 Establishment of Boarder Liasion offices (BLOs) Under the Triangular initiative meetings in Tehran on 5th may 2010 1
17 12th Annual International Fugitives Investigator Conference May 18-20 2010 Toronto Canada 1
18 Invitation to the 5th Operational Working Group Meeting for Project Kalkan-Moscow, Russia 16-17 June 2010 1
19 The first ECO's Head of Interpol Conference Tehran, Iran 29-30 June 2010 2
20 Visit to UAE for Search & Location of INTERPOL Fugitives 1
21 Training Course on Cyber Crime Investigation from 2-20 August, Korea 2
22 Ministerial workshop named Corruption Prevention Workshop Among Developing Countries from 11-17 Sept 2010 IN Beijing, China 2
23 Course on Info Gathering & Analysis Techniques at the Turkish International Academy Against Drugs & Organized Crime(TADOC) Ankara 5-10 July 201 3
24 Training Course on Strategic Analysis from 6-23 July 2010 in Malaysia 1
25 International Terrorism Investigation, Nov 28 to Dec 11-2010 1
26 Training Course for FIA on Source Management and Analyst Note Book in Sept to October 2010, Sydney, Australia (27.09.2010 to 01.10.2010) 18

Booklet of INTERPOL & Notices Procedure

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