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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started "Plant For Pakistan Day ". 

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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started “Plant For Pakistan Day”. 

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Anti Corruption Wing

The Anti-Corruption and Economic Crime Wing of FIA transferred to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on 16.08.2004 have been restored vide notification dated 24.10.2008.

The Anti Corruption Wing is an important part of FIA, which deals with organized crimes other than terrorism and human trafficking. This wing is headed by a senior police officer as Additional Director General at the HQ who is responsible for assisting the Director General and coordinating operations of the zonal directors.

Functions of Anti Corruption Wing

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Spurious Drugs
  • Counterfeit Currencies
  • PPC and other Special Laws
  • Important Cases of ACW

Spurious Drugs

The illicit trade of production/ supply, distribution, and sale of drugs are posing a serious threat to the lives of the innocent citizens and has serious ramifications such as:

  • Loss of Government revenue/ tax evasion
  • Undermines Government health agendas and regulatory regimes
  • Undermines legitimate trade and commerce
  • Defrauds the consumers and health industry
  • Erodes corporate investment and productivity
  • Encourages organized crime

FIA’s crime wing has taken up the challenge to eradicate the illicit trade in drugs and has recovered spurious drugs valuing over Rs.416 million and seized eight illegal manufacturing units. Special drug units have been established in the provincial headquarters. The FIA has registered 67 cases in the years 2005 & 2006.

Counterfeit Currencies

The increasing instances of counterfeiting of currency in various parts of the country hold serious repercussions for the national economy. FIA crime wing is responsible to deal with the currency counterfeiting. A task force is working led by the Governor, State Bank of Pakistan and the FIA is a member thereof. The FIA is maintaining a database of all the culprits of counterfeit currency cases across the country. The FIA coordinates with the provincial/ local law enforcement agencies in cases registered in their jurisdictions.

Important Cases of ACW

OPERATION FURNACE – Electricity Theft

  • On receipt of source information regarding electricity theft by Maqsood Ahmed owner M/s Aziz Steel Re-Rolling Mills, M.S. Road, Momin Pura, Daroghawal Lahore in connivance with the employees of LESCO Shalimar Division Lahore, a team of FIA officials along with technical expert Mr. Adnan Riaz Mir Manager Testing & Inspection LESCO Lahore raided the above mentioned factory and on checking the meters installed were found dead stop against a running load of 600 amperes. The owner was using the supply through direct hooking methods by making hole in the supply lines and fixing the lines with the floor with wooden clamps. Two air circuit breakers were installed to switch over the load to meter or direct hooking
  • The FIA Crime Circle Lahore registered a case and arrested the accused Maqsood Ahmed on 12.06.2009. Crime Circle also recovered switching equipment used for theft of electricity and amount of Rs. 3, 20, 000/- from accused Maqsood Ahmed during remand.
  • Investigation is at final stage and shall be concluded within a fortnight


  • An information was received on 12-06-09 at FIA Crime Circle Lahore that some persons are involved in manufacturing, preparing, filling, selling and the distribution of Spurious Drugs. A raid was conducted by the officials of FIA Crime Circle Lahore and as a result of raid approximately 65000 empty ampoules labeled with “Dyperon “, three blocks of printing screens and two Italian made ampoule manufacturing machines etc were recovered. Shahzad Anjum owner and Hamid Ali Manager of Factory residents of Lahore were present at the premises and did not have any plausible reply against the allegations of printing forged labels / marks of drugs for using them as genuine. Hence both of them were arrested and case was registered on 4/7/2009 u/s 420, 468, 471, 109 PPC in FIA Crime Circle, Lahore.During investigation the accused Munir Ahmed recorded his confessional statement U/S 164 CrPC.
  • On receipt of Istighasa from Drug Inspector on 18.07.2009, relevant sections of Drug Act, 1976 have been added. Interim Challan was submitted in the Drug Court on 20.07.2009. the accused are in judicial lock up. Post arrest bail has been adjourned for 22.07.2009 on 20.07.2009.
  • Investigation is under progress to detect where the injections were being supplied.

Embezzlement of Rs. 60 Million from Edwards College Peshawar

  • A case was registered on the complaint of Principal Edwards College Peshawar in PS East Peshawar Cantt for the embezzlement of Rs. 60 Million in the accounts of the college against Haroon Shahid, Asstt. Accountant Edwards College Peshawar Nimatullah and Ijaz.. Being Federal employees the case was transferred to FIA Peshawar for investigation.
  • FIA Crime Circle Peshawar registered the subject case and arrested the accused. All the accused were tactfully interrogated by the FIA officials due to which accused Haroon Shahid confessed his guilt before the court and the judicial magistrate recorded his statement U/S 164/364 CrPC. FIA Crime Circle also recovered the amount of Rs. 304,000/- and two vehicles
  • Further investigation is in progress.

Operation Sukuk

  • This case was registered in FIA Crime Circle Lahore after enquiry against employees of WAPDA officers/officials and others on the charges of misappropriation, forgery and impersonation etc. The accused were found involved in the illegal transfer and sale of WAPDA SUKUK BONDS valuing more than Rs. 190 Million. These bonds were originally purchased by M/s National Fertilizer Corporation. The accused in connivance with one another transferred the same to Swift Engineering Solutions, Lahore and later to Al-Meezan Investment Management Ltd Karachi. The crime proceeds were withdrawn from branches of MCB and HBL Main Market Gulberg Lahore.
  • FIA Crime Circle Lahore arrested 8 accused persons out of 15 and recovered cash & prize bonds of amounting to Rs. 2.525 Million during the house search of 2 accused persons Muhammad Naqi Riaz (Mastermind) and Syed Riaz Hussain Shah . Total cash recoveries amount to Rs. 9.8 Million. Properties purchased form crime proceeds valuing Rs. 17.5 Million approximately have been recovered. Accused have been placed on Watch List. Help from SOCA is being sought to apprehend accused Muhammad Naqi Riaz.
  • Further investigation is in progress.

Raid Report

  • Upon receipt of a complaint from Shakeel Ahmad s/o Lal Muhammad r/o Jalalpur Peer Wala Distt. Multan that Muhammad Arif SDO MEPCO sub-Division Jalapur Peer Wala is demanding Rs. 5000/- as illegal gratification to revise the detection bill of Rs. 23,600/- for May 2009 of his tube-well connection, a raiding party of FIA under the supervision of a Magistrate was constitute.
  • FIA Crime Circle Multan conducted a raid and caught red-handed Muhammad Arif SDO MEPCO (BPS-17) while receiving illegal gratification of Rs. 5000/- from complaint Shakeel Ahmad. Case FIR No. 34/09 dated 19-06-2009 U/S 161 PPC R/W 5(2)47 PCA has been registered in FIA Crime Circle Multan against Muhammad Arif SDO who has been arrested in this case.
  • Investigation is in progress.

Corruption in Utility Store

  • It is to inform that an exemplary conviction has been awarded to accused waris s/o Ghulam Hussain Incharge Utility Stores Corporation Johi, District Dadu, Sindh in case FIR No. 02/97 dated 23/02/1997, registered u/s 409 PPC 5(2) Act 1947 of FIA Sindh against him. He was involved in misappropriation of stocks worth Rs. 2, 12,519/-. On 29/08/2009 the accused was convicted and sentenced by the Honourable Court of Special Judge (Central) Hyderabad to suffer R.I for 10 years and also to pay a fine of Rs. 3,00,000/-, in default of payment of fine further S.I for 06 months.
  • This is an exemplary conviction ever awarded to any accused in such cases.
  • Investigation is in progress.
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