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Directors Conference at FIA Headquarters, Islamabad. 

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Directors Conference at FIA Headquarters, Islamabad. 

Integrated Border Management System (IBMS)

The threat of illegal travel documents, human smuggling and entry/exit of undesirable elements has created a major discrepancy in our internal and external communal dynamics and stained Pakistan’s image globally. Crime feeds upon the inability of states to ensure reliable identity/credible travel documents for its citizens and visas for foreigners entering its borders; and is compounded by the absence of systems enabled to detect fraudulent movement at immigration points. The problem is especially pronounced in Pakistan, bringing into question the nation’s credibility in the community of nations.

In order to computerize the Arrival / Departure record of International Travelers, “Personal Identification Secure Comparison & Evaluation System”, (PISCES), was established in 2002 with partial assistance of the US Government. This Project has achieved its defined objectives and the Project is expiring on 30th June 2008. All the targets conceived in Project document have been achieved with in the allocated budget. PISCES was conceived with the following features

  • Reliable Database of all International Travelers visiting or leaving Pakistan with proof and documentation (i.e. Photograph, Scanned copy of Passport etc) has been established.
  • A large number of fake and doubtful travel documents have been traced and it has become difficult to bypass the PISCES Filter using doubtful travel documents.
  • A large number of stakeholders i.e. law enforcement agencies, Interpol, foreign missions in Pakistan etc. and many more are reaping the benefits of PISCES.
  • PISCES has been appreciated internationally and is considered a vital tool in the fight against terrorism; combating human trafficking, minimizing human smuggling and discouraging the designs of all who want to deceive the Immigration System of Pakistan.
  • PISCES has provided a mutually agreed platform for relevant stakeholders to implement the standardized Exit Control List (ECL) System.
  • During the course of PISCES implementation a number of immigration issues which were a big challenge before PISCES (e.g., implementation of ECL and tracing of doubtful documents) have been handled competently; but at the same time while parsing through the experience of running PISCES, a number of alarming issues have surfaced which need to be addressed on priority.

    The proposed IBMS is aimed to document the entire process of foreigners visiting Pakistan. This would start from Visa Issuance and include entry into Pakistan, movement within Pakistan, and departure from Pakistan. Doubtful illegal suspects over-staying in Pakistan would be declared illegal for further action by the law enforcement and intelligence agencies. IBMS would cover the entire traffic coming through defined channels and by checking doubtful foreigners at different locations. IBMS got approved by the CDWP in April 2008 with a total cost of the project is Rs. 421.401 million.

    Integration with MRP Database

    IBMS will be integrated with the Pakistan Machine Readable Passport server located at Dte. Gen. I&P. The server will not be accessed directly by any user of the IBMS, but will only be accessed by the IBMS Central Server IBMS local servers.

    The Passport and Visas presented at the arrival or departure will be verified locally, by querying the MRP database, where required.

    • System will Register, Report and Process data of incoming foreigners
      • Personal data.
      • Passport and Visa details.
      • Addresses in Pakistan.
      • Overstay Cases.
      • Issuance of Residential Permits.
      • History of Activities entered by DPOs.
      • Travel History.
      • Visa Extensions.
      • Other refined features
    • System would trace and identify Pakistani citizens going abroad on fake documents and staying abroad illegally. For this purpose, liaison would also be maintained with foreign missions in Pakistan.
    • Availability of complete local database in the offices of concerned DPOs, Special Branches, Ministry of Interior, embarkation / disembarkation ports with a facility to generate required management reports / queries.
    • On-line data entry at ports to devise a fool proof mechanism for registration of these foreigners.
    • Subsequent tracking of foreigners through a computerized system till the foreigner leaves the country or is declared an illegal immigrant after expiry of visa.
    • Tracking of all Pakistani citizens going abroad and identification of illegal immigrants.
    • Identifying the patterns, routes, victims and traffickers involved in human trafficking.
    • Fool proof mechanism to track all overstay cases in Pakistan.
    • Country-wide network between all Entry/ Exit points, law enforcement agencies and Ministry of Interior linked with all Pakistani missions abroad.
    • Centralized databank for all stakeholders.
    • Information provided by foreigner at any point would be available throughout the foreigners’ stay for cross checking at any stage.
    • Links will be provided (read only) to all those stakeholders who come into contact with foreigners i.e. Hotels, Banks, Property Dealers etc.
    • Rapid search of all relevant information and activities specific to a particular stakeholder.
    • 24 x 7 reporting and registration system.
    • Automated reporting of overstay cases.
    • Comprehensive logging and authentication for secure communication.
    • Reports for senior level management to analyze trends in foreigner’ movements and activities.
    • Identifying links between members of suspected groups and organizations.
    • Intelligence agencies would be provided a dedicated link with the central server to refer any specific query or management reports from the pooled information.
    • Scalable and modular along with Use of technologies that will be easy to upgrade and maintain.
    • Initially IBMS was deployed as a Pilot site in Islamabad, as an independent entity. After test run of 7 days, as satisfaction of the IBMS steering committee (as mentioned in the duly approved PC-1), IBMS has been systematically replaced PISCES across Pakistan, within a stipulated period.
    • IBMS has replaced PISCES and Deployed at following entry exit points.

    IBMS sites deployment

    Stoplist hit cases site-wise۔

    Total traveler data record

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