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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started "Plant For Pakistan Day ". 

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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started “Plant For Pakistan Day”. 

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Integrated Border Management System (IBMS)

The menace of illegal travel documents, human smuggling and entry/exit of undesirable elements has created a major imbalance in our internal and external societal dynamics and tarnished Pakistan’s image globally. Crime feeds upon the inability of states to ensure reliable identity/credible travel documents for its citizens and visas for foreigners entering its borders; and is compounded by the absence of systems enabled to detect fraudulent movement at immigration points. The problem is especially pronounced in Pakistan, bringing into question the nation’s credibility in the community of nations.

History of PISCES

In order to computerize the Arrival / Departure record of International Travelers, “Personal Identification Secure Comparison & Evaluation System”, (PISCES), was established in 2002 under the umbrella of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) with partial assistance of the US Government. PISCES was appreciated internationally and considered a vital tool in the fight against terrorism; combating human trafficking, minimizing human smuggling and discouraging the designs of all who want to deceive the Immigration System of Pakistan. PISCES provided a mutually agreed platform for relevant stakeholders to implement the standardized Exit Control List (ECL) System. This Project was completed in June 2010.


Who We Are

IBMS is a national level system of critical nature and being vital component to support FIA immigration to keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing international travelers on the basis of FIA Act 1974 and Foreigners Registration Act 1964. Also part of National Action Plan to support Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) & Intelligence Agencies (IAs) in fight against terrorism, illegal trafficking and over stay of foreign nationals in Pakistan. IBMS has taken-up responsibility of maintaining and updating the database prepared by PISCES from 2003 to 2010, and to keep it updated as per current and future needs of the Immigration system of Pakistan.

Where We Work

IBMS is deployed at following entry/exit points of Pakistan:-

  • Airports
    • Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad
    • Jinnah International Airport, Karachi
    • Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore
    • Bacha Khan International Airport, Peshawar
    • Quetta International Airport, Quetta
    • Sialkot International Airport, Sialkot
    • Faisalabad International Airport, Faisalaba
    • Multan International Airport, Multan
    • Sheikh Zayed International Airport, Rahim Yar Khan
    • Sheikh Rashid International Airport, Bhawalpur
    • D.G.Khan International Airport, D.G. Khan
    • Turbat International Airport, Turbat
    • Gawadar International Airport, Gawadar
    • Sukkur International Airport, Sukkur
  • Land Borders
    • Taftan Land Route
    • Torkham Land Route
    • Wagha Land Route
    • Sost Land Route
    • Chamman Land Route
    • Kartarpur Land Route
  • Railway Stations
    • Wagha Railway Station
    • Khokharapar Railway Station
  • Sea Ports
    • Karachi Sea Port
    • GhassBandar Sea Port
    • Bin Qasim Sea Port
    • Gawadar Sea Port

Our Achievements

  • Database of more than 180 million travelers based on arrival / departure since 2003
  • High Value Targets hits through Stop List
  • Reduced Illegal Human Trafficking
  • Integration between different stakeholders (NADRA, Dte I&P)
  • Facilitating Bureau of Emigrants (BOE)
  • Providing support to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Currency Declaration System (CDS)
  • Back End support to NADRA in E-Visa System
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