A meeting under the chairmanship of Additional Director General, FIA Immigration was held on 12 September 2005 at 15:00 hrs in the main conference room of C.A.A. at JIAP Karachi airport with the officers of the C.A.A & the Country Heads of the Airlines to discuss the issues relating to Immigration. List of the participants is enclosed.

The Additional Director General, FIA Immigration welcomed the participants to the meeting and said that the main purpose of this meeting was to have close co-ordination with the Airlines and C.A.A. He stressed upon timely clearance of passengers and to minimize the delay of flights. He dwelled upon the issues of Human Smuggling, people traveling on forged documents and subsequent deportation of such passengers etc. He underlined the need close cooperation for and help of Airlines in eradicating the menace of Human Trafficking / and told the participants that the Government was determined to curb the menace by using all possible means. For the purpose the Director General FIA has started stringent internal accountability in the department. Concerted efforts are being made against the agents who are involved in facilitating the traveling of DFDs / inadmissible passengers. The action initiated has resulted in reducing the numbers of DFDs as compared to last year. Similarly, sustained efforts on the part of the FIA has resulted in reducing the fine on PIA by 67% as compared to last year. He urged the participants to make the process of deportation transparent by delivering all deportees to the Immigration under Check Sheet and further informed that SOP has already been issued with regard to the handling of OFDs, DFDs and deportees.

The ADG further informed the participants that from now onward all Deputy Directors Immigration at all the check posts of Pakistan would have a monthly meeting with the representatives of Airlines while the Zonal Directors FIA, and ADG / DG would conduct quarterly and half yearly meetings respectively to identify the current problems.

In order to streamline the process and to ensure the Immigration clearance in time, the ADG asked the Airlines to ensure closing of their briefing counters 45-Minutes before the scheduled departure and in case of any unjustifiable or unwarranted delay on the part of Immigration, the ADG or DG FIA, could be approached directly by them. He further requested the Airlines to supply regular information on monthly basis to the DG / ADG FIA, regarding inadmissible passengers as was being done by the PIA.

Mr. Eijaz Mazhar Station Manager PIA pointed out that the Airline had been receiving passengers at different stations especially at UK & Saudi Arabia for deportation to Pakistan without Travel Documents as the concerned Immigration authorities retain the original Passports even the Pakistani one and hand over the photocopies of the passports to the Airlines alongwith a certificate of deportation which was causing problems at Immigration in Pakistan. Mr Eijaz Mazhar also disclosed that when the matter was pursued with the Saudi Immigration, it was informed that they would send the Passport to the Ministry of Interior, Islamabad under some already agreed terms. The ADG stated that the issue was already in the notice of FIA Hqrs Islamabad as the retention of original Passport by the Saudi authorities, which is in fact a property of Government of Pakistan was creating complex problems with regard to ascertaining of National Status as well as the prosecution of the deportees. He also informed that so far FIA was not aware of any such understanding between the Saudi Government and the Ministry of Interior. However, the matter has already been taken up with the Ministry of Interior for resolving this issue at appropriate level.

Mr. Eijaz Mazhar further indicated that the foreigners, who are refused entry, have to be deported back by the PIA on its next available Flights normally after a day or two. However, as these foreigners are handed over to the Airline for deportation, the PIA or any other Airline has no guarded space in the transit lounge to ensure their safe custody during detention period. He proposed for a safe custody space with-in the transit lounge to be developed by the Airlines and to be guarded jointly by the Immigration and ASF. The ADG appreciated the proposal and asked him to go ahead with further arrangements in coordination with the immigration, ASF and the Civil Aviation.

The Country Manager, Syrian Airlines pointed out the problem arising due to the shortage of Immigration counters at the International Arrival lounge. He stated that due to shortage of counters and Immigration staff, the Immigration clearance takes so long that if a foreigner is refused entry for want of visa or any other reason, the Airline has no time to take him back on the same Flight. He also underlined the need for separate counters for Airline crew-members at the International Arrival lounge. He also requested that the boarding card in respect of a passenger once refused by one Airline on any ground should not be issued by any other Airline. The ADG informed that he was aware of the shortage of counters as well as that of staff and the matter had already been taken up at the highest level and that the immigration would soon be replenished with additional staff. In the mean time C.A.A had also been requested to provide six additional counters for the International Arrival lounge, which would be supplied in a month or two, and situation would certainly improve with the installation of these counters. With reference to the second part of question, Mr. Shahid Hayat Deputy Director FIA, Immigration informed that a counter for crew-members was already operational at the International Arrival lounge, but during peak hours, this counter was also being used to handle regular passengers as well. As regards the issuance of boarding cards by some Airlines to the passengers who are denied boarding cards by others, the ADG suggested to evolve some methodology through which such names could be fed up in the PISCES system for stopping such practice.

The Country Manager Bangladesh Biman indicated that the Bangladeshi passengers traveling to Pakistan on genuine visas lawfully issued by the Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka should not be harassed / deported back. The ADG appreciated this point being a valid one and stated that the Pakistan High Commission in Bangladesh would be approached and would be requested to supply the list of all visas issued by it an regular basis to facilitate the arrival of such passengers.

The V.P Emirates Airlines expressed his concern over the congestion of Flights during peak hours due to improper scheduling. He also highlighted the operations of special Flights and extra sections during peak hours. The ADG appreciated the question being a pertinent one and informed the participants that the matter of improper scheduling had already been taken up at the Ministerial Level. He also urged the C.A.A not to allow special Flights and extra sections during peak hours adding to the miseries being faced by the other Airlines and Immigration etc. Mr. Salim Athar, C.O.O, C.A.A JIAP Karachi informed the participants that the issue had already been taken up at the appropriate level and involves some technical problems also coupled with the scheduling of Flights of the developed countries. In reply to a question he assured that C.A.A would arrange supply of advance information of all non-scheduled / special Flights in future.

The Country Manager Dnata on behalf of all Airline operators appreciated the holding of the conference and informed the ADG that a task force was being built up for Karachi Airport which was expected to take charge with in one month and would be specially trained for detection of Frauds and Forgeries in Travel Documents. He requested the ADG to arrange some Training Program by the FIA for the Airlines staff to train them on the subject. He appreciated the cooperation, the Airlines were getting from FIA Immigration at Karachi and thanked the ADG on behalf of all Airlines. The ADG appreciated the gesture and assured him and all the participants of full cooperation from Immigration. While assuring him of resolving all genuine Immigration based problems being faced by the Airlines, he also offered regular training exchange programs between the FIA and the Airlines on mutual basis.

The ADG concluded the meeting with a vote of thanks and assured all the participants of his full cooperation in all respects.







Tony Talay Aratne Country Manager Sri-Lankan Air Line


Saleem Akhtar Station Officer Sri-Lankan Air Line


Aijaz Mazhar S.M JIAP PIA


Saghir A.Rizvi Sales Manager Iran Air


M. Ali Kurdi Country Manager Syrian


Anusorn Rummamai Station Manager Thai Airline


Jooh Den Hortog Area Manager Eithad


Iftikhar Ahmed APT Manager Etihad


M. Saleem Akhtar C.O.O JIAP C.A.A


Zafar Aitemad Siddiqui T.M ID C.A.A


Lizuhenjing Country Manager Air China


Syed M.Tariq Area Manager Qatar Airways


Squad Leader®

Ejaz Ahmed

Asst Manager SAPS


Ufaq Ali General Manager Gerry’s Dnata


S. Arman Yehia General Manager Air-Blue Ltd


Najmul Mirza Snr Mgr Services Shaheen Air


Mir Akber Gen Manager Services Shaheen Air


Idrees Noorwala Director Airport Services Aero Asia


Abdul Rauf Ali Corporate Manager Aero Asia Intl


Muhammad Yousuf Director Admin Passenger Services Aero Asia Intl


Feroz Jamall Manager Karachi Cathay Pacific


Abdullah Alazhari Saudia Airline C.M Saudi Air


M. Nazimuddin Country Manager Biman Air


Naveed Ahsan Chief Executive Biman Air


Abdul Hamid Muhammad Area Manager Malaysia Airline


Shahid J. Nazimi MGR Pax Sales H.O PIA Marketing PIA


Ranju Selvadurai General Manager Gulf Air


Adnan Kazmi Vice President Emirates Emirates


Ramzan Channa Director FIA Karachi Zone


Shahid Hayat Deputy Director FIA Immigration


Khaliquzzaman Khan Assistant Director FIA Immigration (Departure)


Mir Mazhar Jabbar Assistant Director FIA Immigration (Arrival)


Malik Subah Sadiq Assistant Director KSP Immigration



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